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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tonight: Everyone Must Hurl 7

Every year my brother and his friends throw a huge bash on Aug. 24th. It's called Everyone Must Hurl and it's a tribute to excess. It happens in my hometown and draws people from all over South Jersey but it's mostly just Cumberland County folks.

But here's where it gets weird...this year the Village Voice wrote about it! Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense at all but it's the truth. Go to the corner and grab the latest issue then flip to page 40. I've been in a mild state of shock since I first saw this. How does the VV find out about a wild keg party almost 3 hours away in the woods of South Jersey?

Here's what they wrote:

Nowhere in the history of college survival kits does it say that swimming in a kiddy pool of vomit constitutes a good time—at least not that we can remember. The Everyone Must Hurl party doesn’t intend for you to actually wade in a pool of vomit, but it does ask for your most generous, bile-filled donations. The plan is basically for binge drinkers to guzzle bottles of Samuel Adams and Natty Ice until they can’t suck down any more and then let it rip. Prizes (in the shape of drink tickets) are doled out for the best upchuck and projectile hurlers score extra points. Even after spewing up the remnants of your lunch, you’ll be expected to drink some more like a real trouper. In Vineland, New Jersey.

Anyway, the party is happening tonight. I'm going to be there for the first time in 4 years and you should try and go too. And since you probably don't want to go all the way down to SJ for one party consider this, GBH is having a party in Atlantic City the next night so it's a good weekend to be in Jersey.

EMH7 in The Village Voice
Everyone Must Hurl MySpace (Details & Pics)

***That's Cutie puking in the pic above. You may remember him as the former official photographer of Brooklyn Ski Club. He also got a shot published on MyOpenBar.

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