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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

O'Death Played Williamsburg

Last week I went to a semi-secret O'Death show at a random loft in Williamsburg. I almost didn't go but at the last minute I hopped on my bike and cruised over to Bedford. When we got there we walked into a tiny little loft. Well, it was big by living standards but tiny by concert standards. There was a table full of liquor and a fridge full of beer... it was awesome.

As the room filled up the heat rose quickly. So to stay cool I grabbed a seat next to the booze and waited out the first act. It was a dude with an acoustic guitar, I wasn't terribly impressed but Tom was digging it. So were most of the people crammed into the room.

When O'Death started setting up I abandoned my post and got right up front. At this point it was gross hot, everyone was sweating. Normally I hate the heat but once they started playing I wouldn't have it any other way. The heat, the booze, and the confined quarters actually made it all the better. It had a very "juke joint" kinda vibe going on.

I've seen O'Death before at Studio B and they were good. But this is the setting they are made for! Their high energy take on bluegrass makes for one hell of a punk rock show. Everyone was jumping around and dancing and hootin' and hollerin' - it was fucking fantastic! Really one of the best shows I've been to in the last year or so. By the end of the set everyone was soaked and all the booze was gone. All hail O'Death!

O'Death MySpace

The pic above was taken by Fiddle While You Burn, I forgot my fucking camera so go check out the Fiddle set on Flickr

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