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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Gutter Says "Fuck You!"

So as is my duty to report on Brooklyn related crap I feel it necessary to fill you fine people in on this one. Some friends decided to check out the undeniably good idea of The Gutter - the bowling alley bar in Williamsburg. Here's what happened: there were 3 of them and one had to split early so he paid for 2 games, the other two guys paid for 4 games each.

Halfway through the first game one of the 4-game dudes hurt himself - pulled muscle. He kept playing through the first game but had to stop 2 frames in to the second game. So while the other two kept playing he approached the counter and told them he hurt himself and could not finish the game. So he asked if he could get his money back, or credits, for the 3rd and 4th game they had lined up. Since one dude was leaving after game 2 and the he couldn't play 3 and 4, he asked for money or credits for the two games he and the other 4-game dude paid for. Reasonable enough, no?

The staff at The Gutters response, "Fuck you", seriously. Instead of arguing he went back to the lane and shared his story. So the other 4-game dude went over to talk to the wonderful staff at The Gutter. He managed to get them to refund the money for the games they weren't going to play anyway. The catch: they had to stop immediately. Which meant they couldn't finish game 2 - game 2 was already paid for mind you.

So they all more or less got thrown out because someone injured themselves on their admittedly "classic" lanes. The poor bastard that only paid for 2 games only played 1 and 1/4 and ended up dropping $50 dollars on overpriced beer, plus shoes and 2 games.

So yeah, I hate when fucking places try to screw people - especially friends of mine. So I thought I'd share with Brooklyn the experience.When you think about it though I guess you should expect shit like this from a place called The Gutter..."Fuck You!"

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you are silly.

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