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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tonight: HORSE The Band, Shindig, MOB w/Apes & Androids, and Motherfucker!

It's fucking Halloween you freaks! If you can't find something to do tonight then walk into your kitchen grab a knife and plunge it into your neck. Anyway, here's my plan for the night: First I'm heading to the Gramercy Theatre to see HORSE The Band and Between The Buried And Me! This is going to be an incredible show, especially on Halloween.

After that I'm walking a few blocks north and checking out Shindig, which might be almost over at that point but whatever. Then if I can still walk I'm heading to the MyOpenBar party in Brooklyn, where the mighty Apes & Androids are playing. And don't forget about Motherfucker, that should be pretty awesome as well.

RSVP is MUST for Shindig and MOB:


Anonymous said...

looks like alot of fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

I was totally going to do all or some of that stuff (and/or possible see Slaywhore) but I totally didn't.

So terrible...

How was HTB and BTBAM?

Anonymous said...

Went to Apes & Androids and Motherfucker

good shit.

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