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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Filter Played Mercury Lounge Last Night

By the time I found out that Filter was playing Mercury Lounge it was too late - it sold out. I tried to pull some strings to get in but the fact is I'm not very well connected in the hard rock/metal world. I was super bummed about it. Not that I love Filter, they're good, but a chance to see them at Mercury Lounge just sounded awesome.

Thankfully, MetalSucks got in and wrote a great review. Apparently they played a bunch of old shit including "Trip Like I Do", "Jurrasitol", and "Hey Man, Nice Shot". DAMN IT! I wish they just played the new shit no one cares about. Why did they have to go and rub it in my face like this? Anyhow, read the review and get mad, like me. Oh wait, you're too busy pretending you never liked Filter and they suck, right? You used to love them, stop fronting Mr. Williamsburg.


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