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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tonight: Trainwreck Prom, Naked Ping Pong, Some Show At Studio B

I know everybody is heading to the Black Kids / Cut Copy show at Studio B tonight but if you're not going here are a few other options for fun.

  • Trainwreck Prom @ Angels & Kings (10:30PM), FREE: Despite the venues association with douche king (hence the name) Pete Wentz this is a pretty cool venue. Trainwreck is a cool party with lots of free beer (and it's Newcastle!). Tonight this weekly pa rty gets a make over and wears a tux. All types of "extras" tonight, check out the flyer.
  • Naked Ping Pong @ 487 Greenwich, 5th FL (7PM), $20: OK this shit is crazy expensive but I promise you it's worth it. I went to this last time and it was super fun. Booze, pizza, and ping pong are included with the cover. There a re some serious players but it's all done in good drunken fun. There was some dude playing with a cell phone as a paddle and kicking peoples asses! The night ended with some crazy one on one, like that Chinese pong shit you see on ESPN 7 at four in the morning.

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