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Friday, October 17, 2008

E Town Concrete Reunion Show - Tix On Sale

I know a lot of people hate this band and that's fine with me. I grew up in Jersey and there was no band that better represented growing up in Jersey in the 90's then ETC. They looked like the people I hung out with and they sounded like the people I hung out with.

Their songs were about drug dealers and thieves and trying to make it to the top when everyone said you couldn't. That's exactly what I dealt with back then and those songs spoke to me and inspired me. We liked ETC because we were ETC, and some of those guys still are. I've since moved on, I don't hang out with thugs in the bad part of town anymore - I'm too old and soft for that shit these days. Nonetheless I'm excited to see E. Town again, I think this will make show number 15 or 16 for me. Too bad its at Starland - $10 beers and in the middle of nowhere.

Tickets on sale NOW ($25):


Anonymous said...

Im with you. I will see you there!

JShardcore said...

Im coming from Mass for this show, anyone who doesnt like Etowns style doesnt know music and definetly doesnt know what true hardcore is, see you in the pit! Hardcore for life!

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