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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pigeon Detectives "Say It Like You Mean It" Video

A few years ago, I'd say 2004, my brothers band (Cutie & The Catfish) was playing a show at The Continental. It was one of their first gigs in NYC and there weren't many people there. Amongst the few were a group of English guys who seemed really into the show. Afterwards they came up to us and began to tell us how great they thought the show was and that the Catfish should come over and play England.

You see, these English blokes were in a little known band called The Pigeon Detectives and they could help out with gigs across the pond. After a night of heavy drinking with our new British pals we exchanged contact info. The plan was to take them up on their offer but unfortunately being poor doesn't make overseas travel very easy. We stayed in touch for a few months but it never worked out.

Since then The Pigeon Detectives have blown up! They're a pretty big deal in the UK and are getting big here in the states as well. They're a nice bunch of guys so I'm happy to see them succeeding. Of course I'm a little pissed my brothers band didn't make the voyage and possibly share in the success. But the point is these guys are class acts and really fucking good at the music thing. Check out their new video - it's jolly good!

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Anonymous said...

This video is fucking brilliant...

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