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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boogie Boarder & Forest City Played Union Pool

Saturday night, after an epic 20-mile bike ride, I headed over to Union Pool to check out my buddy Jamen's new band. They're called Forest City and it was their first show. One of the dudes in the band is also in Boogie Boarder. Did I mention they also played? Well they did.

Forest City was pretty awesome. They play a mix of rock and country and are a lot of fun. Once they play a few shows and tighten up their sound a bit they're going to be awesome. All of the components are there already. And frankly any band with Jamen on drums has a pretty good chance because he's the best damn drummer in Brooklyn, and you can quote me on that.

After Forest City's debut an older ska band came on. Yes, a ska band at Union Pool. Turns out one of the dudes in the ska band is the brother of one of the Boogie Boarders. I should mention now that I hate white-boy ska. Of all the genres of music it's the only one where I don't like a single band (except Pilfers, but their singer is Jamaican). So it pains me a bit to say this but they were good, really good. They were playing tons of instruments and beat boxing and other weird shit. They were clearly well practiced and experienced musicians which is rare these days. I don't know what they were called but they were good.

The only issue with the ska band was they played for a very long time. The reason why was that Boogie Boarder was short a member. Will was playing at Bruar Falls with Tony Castles. Everyone hung out for awhile and then Will came barging through Union Pool with guitar in hand and made straight for the stage.

This was my first Boogie Boarder show, which is kinda crazy all considered. I heard they're one of the best live bands in BK and based on the four or so songs I heard they're certainly up there. Unfortunately because they started so late I had to leave halfway through the set. But what I saw I liked, a lot! And Cyrus is a fucking beast on drums. Between the deranged look on his face and the extreme violence he hits his kit with you would think that a drum set murdered his puppy when he was a kid or something.

I'm sorry I had to bail early but I had fun while I was there. Oh and the Union Pool taco truck needs to get their shit together. The tacos have sucked lately and they're smaller. WTF?

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Anonymous said...

I had tacos at union pool last night and they fuckin great!

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