Buzzed Bands Podcast, Ep. 2 w/ Cold Blood Club

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tonight: Wavves; Suckers & Wild Yaks; Team Robes (Free Show!); Netherfriends

  • Wavves @ Market Hotel: Wavves are pretty awesome and when I saw them at Bowery Ballroom the whole time I was saying to myself "This would be so much better at Market Hotel". $10
  • Suckers & Wild Yaks @ Glasslands: Somehow I haven't actually seen Suckers yet. I don't understand how that's possible. But Rob from Wild Yaks swears that they're amazing and that's good enough for me. $6.
  • Team Robespierre @ Legion Bar: This is my FUCK YEAH show of the night. A free Team Robes show at Legion Bar. Sign me up! VICE and Colt are involved too so there's going to be free beer. I may or may not hit the other shows but I will def be at this.
  • Netherfriends @ The Glass Door: Netherfriends are an awesome band from Chicago. I thought I exchanged some emails with them a few months back but I can't find them so maybe I hallucinated the whole thing, damn you peyote. Anyway, this is a house party and my homeboy DJ Full Time Fun is spinning too. Also, Purple Crush is playing but I can't remember if I like them or not. $5, 98 Moore Street 2nd Floor.

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