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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Birthday Party w/ Sigmund Droid, Cerebral Ballzy, Pow Wow, Radio America & More!

I survived the summer of 2009, ie. The Summer Of Death. OK, so the whole summer of death thing is bullshit and totally blown out of proportion but nonetheless it's a great excuse to celebrate being alive. So on October 9th come to Tommy's Tavern to celebrate my birthday. This is the first public bday party I've ever had so let's make sure it doesn't suck horse turds.

I chose Tommy's Tavern because I want everyone to be able to have an excellent time. What I'm saying is it's cheap ($2 Shaefer), you can dress however you want, and they let you have a good time. But most importantly it's not some pretentious club or lounge in Manhattan, which seem to be the preferred birthday spots for some reason.

While I hate to charge a cover for my birthday party I need to pay the bands so it's going to cost you $3. The entire door goes to the bands. I'm not making a fucking penny off this show, I just want to have a good time. Also, if you can afford to chip in an extra couple bucks for the bands at the door then you're a good person.

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