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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Brujeria Album + Webster Hall Show

Talk about good timing. I was just in central Mexico, and appropriately, listening to Brujeria sipping on micheladas. While I was basking in the Mexican sun I thought, "man, when is Brujeria gonna get off their asses and make a new album?" Well now, just 3 days back in the States, I get my answer.

Brujeria are currently working on a new album and announced a single show date which happens to be in NYC! The price is kinda steep ($38) but considering how rare a Brujeria show is I guess that's not so bad.

Oh, and also there's the fact that they're one of the most bad ass metal bands ever. I repeat EVER! Growling Spanish lyrics about revolution, Zapata, witchcraft, and the drug trade all told, with a twisted sense of black humor, by masked anonymous criminals. The music is the best parts of pre-Ross Robinson 90's metal (that dude ruined everything), somewhere between Chaos AD Sepultura and Soul Of A New Machine Fear Factory (which has an interesting Robinson story attached). Yeah, that's awesome shit right there.

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