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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

VICE Is Huge Now

VICE is becoming a proper corporate entity. The NY Times is reporting that VICE is,
...preparing to announce investment partnerships with Tom Freston, MTV’s co-founder; WPP, the giant media conglomerate; and the Raine Group, a boutique investment firm. To help it expand, Vice has also enlisted William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and its chief executive, Ari Emanuel, to represent the company.
Well, shit. Lot's of the old schoolers are already crying sell-out but when it comes to VICE that's nothing new. People have been calling VICE sell-outs for the better part of ten years. Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, the fact is they're still one of the more honest and edgy media groups out there. VBS for example produces pretty amazing documentaries about everything from the plights of war-torn, third-world countries to black metal to underground sex parties. And now with their MTV show they're bringing much of that footage to the masses (although it is highly cut down).

Frankly, I'm happy for them. They turned a Canadian punk mag into a worldwide media empire. The only thing I'm pissed about is that I never tried getting a job there. I know people there, I work in marketing and music, I produce events, I live in Brooklyn and I've been in shitty punk bands - how the fuck do I not work at VICE? Oh well, congrats VICE.


***PS: VICE, I won a free subscription on Twitter. You never sent it. What the fuck? 

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