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Friday, April 15, 2011

Village Voice Shuts Down Siren Festival, Announces 4Knots Fest

After 10 years the Village Voice has decided to shutdown Siren Festival. It's a bummer to see it go but frankly, it was pretty hellish. Standing in a parking lot all day with a 95 degree sun beating down on you while you're surrounded by sweaty, drunk hipsters is not much fun.

That is exactly why the only two years I went were years I had VIP passes. Oh man, let me tell you - awesome VIP section. Free booze and snacks under a nice big canopy with industrial fans blowing on you the whole time and when you wanted to check out a band you walked up to the reserved section in front of the stage. It was fantastic but yeah, sans VIP badges it was kinda horrible. Pretty good bands most years though.

With Siren Festival a thing of the past the Village Voice has announced it's next endeavor - 4Knots Festival. They haven't announced any bands yet but they have announced the location, South Street Seaport. It's a better spot than Coney Island for sure but when the Seaport Space gets packed all hell can break loose. This will be interesting. 

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