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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lou Reed + Metallica Track Leaked...It Sucks

The first full track from the Metallica and Lou Reed collaboration has hit the net and boy does it suck. It's everything wrong about Metallica (the 90's) mixed with all that is wrong about Lou Reed (artsy bullshit) mashed together. It sucks to a level that nothing has sucked before, not even St. Anger. It makes me want to exterminate man kind. I woke up kinda drunk and feeling good and now I want to kill myself. I want someone to drop an anvil from the 20th floor and have it land on my head, obliterating my eardrums. Then, and only then, I will at last be at peace.

The Gauntlet

Don't fucking hit play! Did you read the words up there? Don't do it!!!

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