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Friday, September 30, 2011

Radiohead Is Playing Occupy Wall Street Today(?)

The rumors are true, Radiohead will be playing Liberty Park today at 4pm. This will be a shit show to end all shit shows. In fact, I kinda think it's irresponsible of the band. The cops are already heated and flooding downtown with Radiohead fans might be exactly what's needed for a full on riot to erupt. This is gonna get ugly, proceed with caution.

Radiohead Occupy Wall Street

***NEVERMIND. They just cancelled. Probably a good thing.
******Okay, maybe it is happening. The band says no, occupy Wall St. says yes. But the band saying no could simply be a crowd control measure.
*********Looks like my hunch might be right. Now Gothamist is reporting that the bands denial was a fake out to keep 1,000,000 people from showing up. We'll see what happens.

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