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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

5 Random Songs (1/8/13)

Round 2 of "5 Random Songs"

I was in the gym the other day and threw my iPod on full random. All 12,000+ songs randomly jarbled together coming at me like a shit cannon. As someone who's worked in music for a long time I have tons of albums I've never listened to that random people have given me to listen to. At one point I put everything on my iPod. That is until it filled up. It's been a couple years since that happened and my taste has changed dramatically since I started collecting the albums on my iPod (going back to the early 90's).

So I decided to go back and review the first 5 songs that popped up when I hit random. Some might be new(ish) and some might be old. Some might be shitty pop and some might be shitty metal. Who knows? Here we go...

Track 1: "Anthem" Cerebral Ballzy, You're Idle

  • The homies from Brooklyn! I love this band and I've seen them many times. Hell, they even played my birthday party. This is their signature track, as you may gather from the chorus which is "Cerebral Balllzy" shouted over and over again. It's a very raw sound and could easy have existed in 1982 and none would be the wiser that it's a bunch of skate punks from Brooklyn circa 2010. 

***This is NOT the version from You're Idle, this is way more produced. It's all I could find.

Track 2: "One Evening" The Jesus Lizard, Head/Pure
  • While I certainly appreciate The Jesus Lizard I've never really been a fan. I saw them at the VICE Halloween party a few years ago and they fucking kill it live. But back to the track, the bass line reminds me of "Kerosene" by Big Black but that's about all I love about it. It's not bad at all but I don't love it, which is exactly how I feel about this band as a whole. I have no fucking clue where I got this album from.

Track 3: "You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son" Wolf Parade, Apologies To The Queen Mary
  • When I go back and listen to a lot of 2000's indie rock I generally wonder why I ever liked any of it. However, this is pretty rad. I really dug this band when they came out but remember losing interest after their next albums and seeing how horrible they were live. This is a good tune though and now I want to listen to the whole album.

Track 4: "Corvette" Golden Smog, Another Fine Day
  • I'm not sure but I believe I was working on some of the PR for this album. At the very least I was working with the label on other artists. So that's where this came from. This is cheesy pop rock and while I would never listen to this on purpose I won't talk too much shit. This is a perfect song for a soundtrack to any movie or TV show about good times in California. I picture a surfing, beach party, top down cruise montage while I listen to this. 

Track 5: "New Monster Avenue" The Mountain Goats, Get Lonely
  • When Mountain Goats were recording tracks on a boombox completely unmixed, I loved them! I still think that lyrically they're one of the best bands of the modern era. However, this song... no sir, I don't like it! Way too much going on here for my liking. Are those bongos I hear? The worst thing that ever happened to The Mountain Goats was getting a recording budget. Break out the boombox!

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