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Monday, January 14, 2013

5 Random Songs (1/14/13)

Round 3 of "5 Random Songs"

I was in the gym the other day and threw my iPod on full random. All 12,000+ songs randomly jarbled together coming at me like a shit cannon. As someone who's worked in music for a long time I have tons of albums I've never listened to that random people have given me to listen to. At one point I put everything on my iPod. That is until it filled up. It's been a couple years since that happened and my taste has changed dramatically since I started collecting the albums on my iPod (going back to the early 90's).

So I decided to go back and review the first 5 songs that popped up when I hit random. Some might be new(ish) and some might be old. Some might be shitty pop and some might be shitty metal. Who knows? Here we go...

Track 1: "Dead Embryonic Cells" Sepultura, Under Siege (Live In Barcelona)

  • When I was a young headbanger Sepultura was my favorite band. I had two BC Rich Warlock guitars because Max Cavalera played one. I had Brazilian soccer jerseys because they were from Brazil and wore them on stage. I vowed to name my first born son, Max. So yes, I liked Sepultura a little. This is one of the best songs from their 80's material. This is the live version, which honestly I didn't even know I had. It's a quality recording for a live track but the original version is better. Sepultura is no longer my favorite band but this is still something I'd listen to, no doubt. 

Track 2: "Lapdance" NERD, In Search Of...
  • I dug this track when it came out but it sounds a bit dated. I also just remembered that this track used to bug me because the main riff is the same as Marilyn Manson's "Angel With the Scabbed Wings". I always thought that was a bit sketchy. The white dude rapping on this sucks too, which kills the mood. That said Pharrell is great on this track and the stripped down production is classic early Pharrell, like what he did for Clipse. 

Track 3: "Memory Of A Free Festival, Part 1" David Bowie, Space Oddity
  • This track reminds me that I need to listen to more Bowie. I like plenty of Bowie but he has so much material that I miss shit every once in a awhile. Despite this being on Space Oddity, I don't really know this song. I know I've heard it, as it's vaguely familiar, but I feel like this is the first time I really paid attention to it. It's an amazing song and I'll be reexaming Space Oddity as soon as I'm done with this nonsense. Sorry to all my friends who are rabid Bowie fans, no excuse for ignorance. 

 Track 4: "I'll Wait" One True Thing, Finally...
  • Wow! Haha... You know how all From Autumn To Ashes albums have one track with that chick singing on it? Well, this is the band that chick is in. I suppose I got this album because I always dug the FATA tracks she was on. Or maybe it was because a girl I had a thing for loved this chicks voice and this was a way to get her to "come hang and check out the album". That said, this ain't so hot. It could be a lot worse but having her in the lead vocal spot for the entire duration of the song takes away some of the charm of her voice. The music is on par with the mellow shit by Staind or something, which again ain't so hot. 

Track 5: "Sunrise" Yeasayer, All Hour Cymbals
  • If you ask me what my favorite album of the 2000's is I will likely say All Hour Cymbals by Yeasayer. In my opinion it is an album without any faults. Many will argue otherwise and that's fine. I have weird taste and I am well aware of this. I fucking LOVE this album and this is one of the best tracks on the album. Needless to say it gets a big thumbs up from me. Now I will go listen to this album for the 945th time. 

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