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Friday, January 18, 2013

Soundgarden Played Terminal 5

On on Wednesday I went to Terminal 5 for the American Express concert featuring Soundgarden. Some people are acting weird because AMEX sponsored the show but if that means $15 tickets for Soundgarden then I don't give two flying fucks who sponsors it. Soundgarden is one of my all-time favorite bands and I've only seen them once before a couple summers ago in Philly. That was one of the best shows I've seen in years so I had high hopes for this one.

The show started a little after 8pm with the band jumping into "Been Away For Too Long" which is a decent track from their new album. From there they went to "My Wave," which is a track I love so things were looking up but the band never really picked up steam. The Philly show was chock full of harder and heavier songs from the early years but this set was mostly the singles. It's still great music but that's not what I want to see at a show. I'm sure AMEX had something to do with the lackluster set list. Check it out after the jump, you'll notice songs like, "Slaves and Bulldozers" "Beyond The Wheel" "Mailman" "4th of July" "Superunknown" and so forth are absent, all of which they played in Philly.

I'm glad they like to mix it up but they left out some of their best songs and that was a huge bummer. On the plus side they played my favorite song from the new album, "Rowing," which was great. Hearing "Fresh Tendrils" was also very cool. All that said, overall the show was a disappointment for me. I'm hoping the set lists at the two shows next week will incorporate more of the older, less mainstream stuff. Despite everything I still enjoyed seeing them and am so damn happy they're back in action.

Set List:
Been Away Too Long
My Wave
Burden in My Hand
Worse Dreams
Let Me Drown
Live to Rise
Halfway There
Black Saturday
Ugly Truth
Fell on Black Days
Blow Up the Outside World
Dusty (first time live since 1996)
Fresh Tendrils (first time live since 1995)
Non-State Actor
Hunted Down
Eyelid's Mouth
Rusty Cage

Head Down
A Thousand Days Before
By Crooked Steps
Black Hole Sun
Jesus Christ Pose




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