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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snot Back, Lynn Rolling Over

During the 90's shit fest of nu-metal and alterna-rock there was one band that somehow remained punk. Sure they hung out with Korn and Limp Bizkit but so did everyone else back then. The truth is the only bands out of that lot that I'm not ashamed to say I was into is the Deftones and Snot. Deftones turned out to be the lone great band from the bunch.

If any other band had a chance of surviving it was Snot. Snot were the punk rockers of the lot. Everyone else had roots in metal, hardcore, and rap but Snot rep'd the punks. Sure it was nu-metal but it wasn't the same as the rest.

Lynn Strait, singer of Snot, quickly gained a reputation as being one of the nicest people in the biz. Everyone loved this guy, even Sharon Osbourne. He was one of those totally irreplaceable frontmen. So, of course, like any beloved person he died well before his time. I believe it was 1999, or so, in a car wreck. The metal and punk community got together and released a tribute album to him. I mean, how many people get tribute albums?

It saddens me to say that Lynn, the irreplaceable, has been replaced. Not only has Snot reunited with a new singer but the guy is a fucking goon. The guy sucks! And it proves one thing that everyone already knew - Snot wasn't shit without Lynn. There's a video of their first show and without Lynn even the old songs just sound like some average tough guy hardcore band. It's fucking shameful.

R.I.P. Lynn
Snot w/ Nu-Goon
Snot Live At The KeyClub

The Box - Snot (w/ Lynn)
Joy Ride - Snot (w/ Lynn)


Aldo said...

This is so, so SO TRUE man!!! They should have never gotten back together, and NOBODY can substitute Lynn: NOBODY!!!

It would be, like, a Panter re-union with a substitute for Dimebag. Or put it however you want, it just doesn't work at all.

The only thing I would dispute is that no, they're not worthless without Lynn: they were and are excellent musician with great ideas.
But Lynn was the glue that made excellency into something exceptional.

Shuttle Bay said...

You keep using that word.
I don't think it means what you think it means.

... said...

Enlighten me homey. What does nu-metal mean? Maybe, despite the fact that I was in a few "nu-metal" bands and went to about 300 shows in the 90's featuring bands described as such, I'm ignorant. So what does it mean, wise one?

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