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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cerebral Ballzy & Das Racist Played The Woods 2/1

On Monday I headed to a benefit for Haiti at The Woods. It was my first time at the place and I have to say I give it a serious thumbs up. Cheap booze, a huge yard, taco truck, and a stage...wait, why does that sound so familiar? Anyhow, the place is awesome so check it out soon.

We got to The Woods right before Cerebral Ballzy took the stage and bought some beer and shots. Before the band started Sam Mason and a man with a badge took the stage. I didn't catch the dudes name but he works for a volunteer force from Bed-Stuy who are doing serious search and rescue missions in Haiti. The fundraiser was to help them with supplies for their next mission. Isn't it fucked that we don't know the name of the dude that is out there saving lives every day and yet we know the name of a guy who flips burgers for rich people? Ahh, society.

After the intro and explanation of where all the proceeds were going Ballzy got started. The set started a little slow but that's because it was an early set and people were still just getting there. Halfway through things picked up a bit and a pit broke out. Nothing too crazy but it made things a little more interesting. During the second installment of the last song the band just fucking wiped everything out on stage. It turned into a twisted pile of guitars and limbs that rolled off the stage onto the floor. Quite an ending.

Next up was Japanther. The place was pretty packed at this point and a delayed sound check was making the crowd antsy (the telephone mics weren't working...ugh). They finally got up and running and everyone started bopping around and such. I went to the back and leaned against the wall. I'm not really a Japanther fan to be honest so I used their set as my drinking time.

The Das Racist crew took the stage next. This was my third time seeing them and they're just always a good time. They get shit faced, crack jokes, and rap about shit 90% of the crowd doesn't understand. It doesn't sound like a good formula but it works.

After the show I stumbled out pretty shit faced...but it was for charity so that's a good thing.


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