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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wild Yaks Played Bruar Falls 1/30

On Saturday I rounded up some pals and we headed over to the Wild Yaks farewell show at Bruar Falls. The Yaks are on tour right now and will be relocating to Austin until April. The band wanted a proper send off and that is exactly what they (and we) got.

We got to the show around 11PM and the first band still hadn't started yet. Ill Ease was supposed to the first band but for unknown reasons Violent Bullshit switched slots with them. I've heard good things about VB but this was my first time seeing them. If you haven't had the pleasure they play late 80's NYC hardcore. They sound like Madball (circa Ball Of Destruction) but they sure don't look like Madball. The drummer is a dead ringer for Garth Algar and the rest of the band is straight out of a VICE mag Bushwick spread.

While they don't fit the profile of hardcore kids they sure as shit sound like it. No one I was with liked VB at all but that's fitting since none of them have ever been to a hardcore show in the 90's. I went to nothing but hardcore shows for a few years so I was digging it. The hardcore sound without the hardcore thugs - I can get used to that. In regards to the hardcore scene I've always been a fan of Ensign's old motto, "Love the music, hate the kids." (FYI: Ensign are playing Knitting Factory 2/27)

After Violent Bullshit finished up we started drinking a lot. By the time Ill Ease came on I was not paying attention at all. I saw their whole set but damned if I could tell you anything about it. I was focused on drinking and they simply weren't loud enough to draw my attention towards them. Sorry dudes (were they even dudes?), I guess I'll have to catch you next time.

Next up was Wild Yaks and by this time I was pretty twisted up. I pushed through the crowd and got a space right up front by Rob Bronco. The show was pretty crazy and at a few points a mosh pit (not really but for lack of a better term) broke out. People were dancing on the floor on the stage and on top of whatever the hell people were standing on along the wall. It's clear by the sheer number of people singing along that the Yaks are ready to move on to bigger and better things. We'll see you boys in April.


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