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Friday, February 12, 2010

Guns N' Roses Played Varvatos

I like to think I'm pretty on top of shit for the most part. Yesterday I heard rumors about a secret GNR show somewhere in the city. I assumed it would be at some fancy, uptown, fashionable establishment. So I went to a movie and did a little grocery shopping. I wasn't really paying much attention to Twitter and people's updates.

When I finally got home and checked it out I saw shit like "GNR playing Varvatos store?" Fuck! A buddy of mine is involved with events there so I shot him a text, "You're at the GNR show aren't you?" to which he replied "Yup, wanna come?"

But you see I was on the phone when that text came through discussing an event I'm working on so I didn't see the message for another 20 minutes. By the time I replied and got back "they just started" and I was still in Brooklyn. I figured these types of appearances are usually pretty brief and that by the time I got there it would likely be over. Well, as my luck would have it Axl and whoever the fuck else was on stage didn't just play a short set, in fact they played a "2 and a half hour set, amazing, he got his voice back" and didn't finish until 2:45AM.

I spent the night on my couch while Axl played a 2+ hour set of mostly old stuff. If you want a proper recap, and not just me sulking, then check out BrooklynVegan.


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