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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Knife Fight Happened 2/4

On Thursday we trekked out to the middle of god damn nowhere for one of the better parties of 2010 so far. 171 Lombardy is out there to say the least but the beauty of it is anything goes. No neighbors wining about noise and no coppers driving by spooking the kids. And that's a good thing, for the most part.

We showed up early to take advantage of the free Colt 45 (which didn't last very long). It was probably 9:45 and the place was empty but that was fine by us. Every 15 minutes or so a burst of people would arrive, which makes sense since a shuttle bus was running every 15 minutes from Lorimer.

By 10:30 or so there was a decent crowd but the free beer was long gone. Leaders went on soon after. I've never heard these dudes before but I was digging them. Imagine if Black Sabbath decided to play nothing but songs that sounded like "Planet Caravan" and that's kinda what we're talking about. My only complaint is they were a little too jammy and the vocals just didn't match the style of music at all.

After the set I hit the pisser and there was some broad from some porn site trying to get dudes to whip their dongers out. She was like lady Bronques or something. There was all types of random weird shit going on too, like the raving Viking.

Next up was Boogie Boarder who are always good fun. I was up front for the first song or two but then nature called, fucking swill beer. Honestly, I think I spent half of there set in line for the can so unfortunately I didn't really get to see all the action. By the time I got back out to the floor there was a pretty big crowd that I wasn't yet drunk enough to fight through so I hung back and worked on my sobriety.

After BB the Ballzy boys took the stage. Cerebral Ballzy always bring the ruckus but there was something in the air on Thursday and you could tell it was gonna get crazy before they even started. About 30 seconds before they started I turned to my homey Sean, who had never seen Ballzy, and I said "All hell is about to break loose." Almost immediately after this they burst into the first song and the floor fucking erupted in chaos. A massive pit opened up and everyone was bouncing around and having a fucking blast. I remember seeing my pals in the pit pushing around with big smiles on their faces and these are dudes that don't like thrash or hardcore at all. Ballzy fucking rule!

After Ballzy the Death Set were up. I hadn't seen these cats in a long time and was pretty stoked about it. Again, as with Ballzy, all hell broke loose. There were literally people swinging from the rafters. The ceilings had a series of pipes and other shit hanging down and people were fucking swinging from them, it was quite a site. The performance and the crowd were fucking cool but the music seemed way more electro then I remember Death Set being. Maybe I'm wrong, I was pretty drunk by then.

We drank a lot of beer and a lot of whisky by this point and were getting bored. Not that the party died down or anything but we had been there for many hours and were drunk and antsy. So we bailed before Japanther went on and headed to Boulevard Tavern where we made a new friend. Hi, Sweet Tits (or was it Sugar Tits?)! Anyway, the party was a fucking rager and 171 Lombardy is a killer place for a party. Now I just need to convince my pussy friends it's worth hiking out to the middle of nowhere.





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