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Monday, June 10, 2013

Black Sabbath "God Is Dead?" (Video)

I've been hearing great things about the Rick Rubin produced Black Sabbath come back album so I was excited to check this out. I'm going to cut to the chase here, they need to get Bill Ward back in the fold. Brad Wilke is a good drummer but his style doesn't fit in right. He's not bluesy enough or something like that. Ozzy is singing more in the solo Ozzy style and less in the Sabbath Ozzy style. That's to be expected I suppose but Ozzy could be better. Iommi and Geezer are very much on point.

The first half of the song is a little boring but man does it pick up speed. By the end I was totally fucking digging this track. The video itself is kinda shitty but honestly who cares? Unless we're talking about Tool I don't really give too many shits about what the video looks like. For a bunch of dudes who haven't released a track since before I was born this ain't too shabby.

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