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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cover Shows & Interview Bands For Brooklyn Ski Club

I'm a tired, old man. In the heyday of BSC I used to attend about 6-7 shows per week and I'd take photos and review every last one of them. It was insane and I have no idea how I managed it while I was working a 50/hour week job. The thing is though, those show reviews were huge hits. BSC reviews got picked up by every major music blog, website and magazine you can name.

So now that I'm bringing BSC back I want to get those reviews going again. I can't do it, there's no way. But you, you're young and energetic or maybe you're old and trying to make the most of these last few years of semi-youth before you have kids and die. Whatever. If you can write and have a half decent point & shoot camera then you can probably handle this.

You'll also have the chance to interview bands if you so choose. That could be fun if you're the outgoing type.

Now, of course, I can't pay you anything but hopefully you see value in going to shows for free and hanging out with rock stars. And no, it's not all shitty local bands. BSC still gets requests to cover & interview big touring bands. Free concerts, hanging with bands, some free booze on occasion and a line item in your resume. But in all seriousness some previous BSC writers are pros now (seriously) so this ain't no joke, son!

Interested? Send some examples to matt [@] brooklynskiclub (dot) com

***Should BSC start making money you will get some, if not all, of it. I don't do this shit for money so any income is pure bonus and I'm happy to share. 

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