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Monday, June 10, 2013

Game Of Thrones Finale Was A Snorefest

Last night I took a break from watching the NBA Finals to check out the season finale of Game Of Thrones. After last episode's blood bath I had very high expectations for the finale. I'm not going to post any spoilers here so don't worry. Actually, nothing really happened of interest so there isn't much to spoil.

The finale was slow paced and kind of boring compared to the rest of the season. It was nothing more than a setup job for the next season, which is obviously needed but probably could have been done in a more exciting manner. They jumped around a lot trying to tie up any loose ends and it took away from the pace of the show. The final scene was just plain stupid, so incredibly boring and kind of goofy if you ask me (you didn't but I'm saying it anyway).

I truly look forward to next season but I wish I had a better taste in my mouth to go out with. This season of GoT was like eating a slice of pizza; it's delicious as soon as you take a bite, with a couple extra delicious bites where you get the toppings, and then at the end you're left with the crust. Sure, some crust is pretty tasty but compared to the bites with cheese and sauce and toppings it's just kind of bland. Unfortunately, given the shape of a pizza the most boring bite always comes at the end. That's Game Of Thrones, yup... pizza.

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