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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Bed Bug Map

So I'm going to reveal a very dark time in my life. While I lived in my old apartment in South Williamsburg...I had bed bugs! It was a fucking nightmare but it made me a stronger person.

Lately I've been seeing all types of shit on the news and online about the current bed bug epidemic. So I figured I'd do my part and create a map of all the known bed bug dwellings in NYC. I figured some poor bastard moved into my old place oblivious to the hell he/she was in store for. But fear not fellow citizens - the map is here!

I had this idea back when I first was diagnosed but I obviously had bigger things to deal with at the time. So please, please, please send me addresses of known bed bug spots and I will add to the map. It is your civic duty to help out on this one. Hell, I'm doing all the work folks, I just need an address.

DO NOT abuse this map. If you think you have bed bugs then I don't want your address until it's confirmed. I will be marking both current (buggy) and previously (clean) infested apartments. People have the right to know about this shit. Plus it might get those fat fuck slumlords off their asses and actually take care of the problem.

The Bed Bug Map


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