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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tickle Me Emo

Wow, Mad TV did something funny! I've actually seen "Tickle Me Emo" icons and shit like that before so I can't give them points for originality but still, it's good.


Charlie said...

MadTV does lots o' funny stuff. It's SNL that sucks major balls. Get with it, dude. I thought you Brooklyn people were hip? Even in unhip Queens we know that MadTV=cool+funny.

By the way, I would very much like to join forces with you and trade linx. I got .mp3s and shit on my site, and I play in Brooklyn from time to time.

... said...

Well if you're right about Brooklyn being hip and Queens not so much then what does that say about me thinking Mad TV sucks? MadTV=notfunny. Stella and Chappelle show are where it's at when it comes to sketch comedy.

Anyway, you're right about SNL, that show sucks too.

For the MP3s - What kind of music are we talking here?

Charlie said...

TV sucks, but Mad TV can be pretty damn funny from time to time.

Where can I get this Stella and Chappelle show? Is it on the internets somewhere or do I have to buy something (like cable teevee) to get it?

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