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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Danzig/Misfits Christmas Show In Jersey

Danzig will be playing a show the day after Christmas in North Jersey. Doyle is listed as the opening act, which means there's a very good chance we'll hear some Misfits! I just bought my tickets and I'm pretty fucking excited since I missed Danzig the last time he came around with Doyle.


Anonymous said...

how about flexing your blog muscle and give your avid readers comps for the danzig show. Oh and while you're at it, how about that Slayer show at Hemmerstein? maybe we can all get some free shit for that too. if not tix, maybe a wet towel or sumthn'

holiday spirit abounds, no?

Anonymous said...

Doyle isn't the opening act, Doomriders and Mutiny are opening. Doyle comes on for a 30 minute Misfits set in the middle of the Danzig set.

... said...

Well that's even better. When I saw the news it said Doyle was opening and their might be a Misfits set. If there is definitely going to a Misfits set then that makes my $40 purchase a lot more justified.

Brian said...

i went to the show, the 7th void opened (gay) then gorgeous frankenstien, who brought out michael graves for the first misfits reunion. Then Danzig came out, and for his encore brought Doyle out for the 2nd misfits reunion

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