Buzzed Bands Podcast, Ep. 2 w/ Cold Blood Club

Monday, December 11, 2006


Saturday night I rounded up the troops for a night of debauchery at Rated-X. The occasion was the 1-year anniversary of Brooklyn Ski Club. As you may know BSC started out reviewing parties so it made sense to celebrate at Rated-X.

Before we headed over to Luke & Leroy a few of us hung out at my place and had a few drinks. Unfortunately I chose to start the night with red wine. If you know the history of my alcoholism then you'll know many of the horror stories start with the words "red" and "wine". I can drink an endless supply of beer and liquor and still function but a few glasses of red and I'm useless.

So after we went through a bottle of red wine we jumped in a cab and headed to Luke & Leroy. When we got there the upstairs wasn't even open yet and the crowd downstairs was pretty sparse. But it was still early so I hoped for the best.

Once the upstairs opened up we headed towards the stage and hung out there. Not long after the place started to fill up pretty fast. Before I knew it the L&L was packed and everyone was dancing. I was pretty trashed and at some point I ended up on stage with a few people I was with. There are rumors that even I was dancing but I can't confirm that.

How the night ended I'm not really sure but I know my internal alarm went off. In the old days when I got "too drunk" I would keep partying and stupid shit would happen. These days my body just kind of says fuck you and I have the dire urge to leave. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what happened - all I know for sure is I was in a cab with my girlfriend, my roommate, and my friend headed cross town. When I got out of the car I went home and everyone else went to another bar.

What I remember of the night was really fun and if I can actually round up some people again it could be happening in the near future. But next time make sure I don't go near any fucking wine!

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