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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Band Alert: Sky Eats Airplane (They Need A Singer)

I found this band on MySpace about two months ago and I've had a tab up on my browser since then to remind me to write about them. Well I've finally gotten around to doing it. Sky Eats Airplane is a band from Texas and they're pretty fucking cool.

The band mixes electronic music with heavy as balls hardcore (metalcore if you will). I've heard lots of bands try this kind of thing and it usually sounds kinda dumb but these guys really make it work. At some points they kinda have a HORSE The Band thing going on and at other times an As I Lay Dying vibe. All of their songs on MySpace have over 100,000 - which ain't too shabby and means I might need a late pass on these guys.

They get kinda emo-y at times and that's not very cool but when they stick to the heavy electro shit they're killer. I recommend "Honest Hitchhikers" to start and then move up the line.

The band is currently looking for a new singer/screamer. They did a smart thing and posted a track sans vocals to which potential singers are asked to add vocals. Not a bad idea although it might be tough to add a clean sounding vocal line to a one track recording.

It starts kinda EMO but stick with it

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice pick dude.

oh and for something completely diff.
are you going to the Razorlight show?

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