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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ozzfest Update - Still Free...

With the exception of the lineup all of your questions concerning the free Ozzfest have been answered.

Q: Will Ozzy play at my show?

A: Ozzy will headline ALL Ozzfest dates on the main stage.

Q: How do I get tickets?

A: Those signed up to will get the info on how to obtain their free tickets first! You will need to get a ticket just like previous Ozzfests however you will do so online and for FREE. You will need to go to or one of our sponsors websites to do this. Those who are signed up to will get an email with instructions and links once tickets are available.

You will print out your tickets and bring them to Ozzfest or get them from one of our sponsors. Yes each venue has it's own capacity level and only the amount of people allowed will gain entry. You will know you will be allowed entry because you have your ticket in advance. The show will be general admission. The seats will be first come first to sit there and watch the show in that seat basis. There will be still a 2nd stage and it will be located in the same area of the venue as previous Ozzfest. Yes, it will still be an outdoors show.

Now you are inside and you paid nothing. Merch, beer, water, food and soda price will NOT be raised more than any other show at that venue in the summer of 2007 to cover your free entry.

Q: Will there be a limit to the number of tickets I can buy?

A: Again, yes, there will be. The amount has not yet been determined, but there will be.

Q: How will I gain entrance?

A: You will print out or recieve the tickets that you have secured and you will bring those with you to the event, where you will exchange them for entrance.

Q: How will the seating be decided?

A: As in previous years, the second stage will still be general admission for everyone without seats. However, as far as main stage, it will be first come, first serve basis for both general admission AND the seats. Of course, you do not stake claim to seats, meaning that if you stand up and leave the seats, others are entitled to sit there.

Q: Will merchandise and concession prices be raised to make up for the lack of ticket price?

A: No. The prices will remain up to the individual artists to decide, however, there will be no expected raise in prices.

Q: How will the artists make money off of this?

A: They are free to book themselves at local shows on days before, after, and days OF the fest. Also, they are, as always, welcome to bring and sell merchandise.

Q: How different will the bill be from date to date?

A: Some second stage acts may change, however, the main stage acts will be comitted and appear throughout the tour, unless otherwise stated.

Q: Will bands autograph CD's at the FYE tent in 2007?

A: There will still be a tent where the bands sell and do their cd signings. It may be FYE or could another store who handles it, but either way you will be able to purchase the bands' performing cds and have them sign those.

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