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Thursday, February 08, 2007

HORSE The Band Design Contest

My favorite pack of crazies need your help creating an ad for their upcoming tour. Here are the details, the bold is best part.

You have until 2:30 pacific standard time to create a half page ad for us that will be featured in the next issue of outburn magazine, a real publication.

the ad must be 300 dpi, half page magazine size.

it has to say HORSE the band's RADICALYSM TOUR

it has to have an erupting volcano with a radical dude surfing down the lava. the lava must be destroying a coastal metropolis in the background. other good things to include are dying and fleeing civilians, helicopters, and heavy duty jeeps, and maybe a harbor and marina being boiled by the lava.

the best ad wins. if you lose you get nothing

leave space (in the ocean or sky) for us to fill in the tour dates, and also a small space under our name for the other bands' logos.


oh yeah send us links to ads here or email them to

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