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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lou Reed & Pete Townsend Played Joe's Pub

Last night Lou Reed was joined on stage by Pete Townsend and J. Mascis. Pete was playing acoustic, Lou played electric, and J played acoustic as well. Apparently it was quite an outstanding show - at least according to the word of mouth I've heard. Here is what Pete had to say about the gig on his blog:

It was good to be a part of last night’s Attic Jam at Joe’s Pub in New York. I played at least one song with all the artists except Rachel’s co-host Jimmy Fallon. I played proper music with Rachel Yamagata, Rachel Fuller, Amos Lee, J-Mascis and Lou Reed. They are all real musicians, and great songwriters. It was particularly good to work with Lou for the first time; I love his music. He downplays his guitar playing, but we meshed perfectly. There was real magic.

Oh right, I didn't want to mention this because I thought it might ruin it but apparently Jimmy Fallon hosted and he and Pete did a "hilarious" skit together. They're also apparently working on a movie together which I'm sure will be outstanding - just like Taxi.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I sure hope Lou and Pete got recorded.

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