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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Morning Benders

Normally in the headline I would write the words "Band Alert" - but since these cats have already been on Pitchfork, Stereogum, and "countless blogs" I doubt I'm alerting you to anything. Nonetheless when I listened to the MP3's they sent me I was very pleased with their sound. I'm not really sure who they sound like but for some reason I thought of The Monkees - and I mean that in a good way. The sound is melodic but very playful at the same time. It's good stuff and I highly recommend checking out the tracks below.

One year ago in the northern region of California among the rolling hills of Berkeley, our lord God in heaven made love to the sweet sounds of rock n roll and gave birth to The Morning Benders. Started in a moment of magical bliss, just listening to the music of these four men combined will cure any disease known to man. They blend guitars with love to create songs that sound very much like a gentle morning walk on a warm summers day, when the wind rides on your shoulders and tosses your hair about with its soft caresses. Their songs remind listeners what it feels like to be alive again, creating an emotional spiral of euphoric ejaculations that dig deep into the heart of Rock And Roll. Indeed, their music is the music of gods, and their heavy show load this past year has proven them to be quite the presence in the bay area. They are a glowing flower of rock in this little musical garden we like to call Earth.

Damnit Anna - The Morning Benders
Last Today - The Morning Benders

The new EP "Boarded Doors" comes out on 3/13


Anonymous said...

Yes I think you are right, the first one sounds like Micky's voice a little and the second one has the tambourine. That's part of the Monkees sound.

Anonymous said...

You can catch the Morning Benders in person along with several Bay Area bands March 16 in Austin TX at Spiro's for SXSW.

Anonymous said...

I was at their recent LA Cd release show. It was the third time I've seen them play and they did not disappoint. They sound excellent live. Good energy on stage and that kid Chris can sing. He's an incredible talent. They've got a lot to look forward to.

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