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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Former Victory Employee Reveals All

Tony from Victory is world renowned for being one of the most down and out dirtiest dudes in the record business. Everyone knows this about him who works in the biz on any level. He fucks bands over on a level that makes the major labels look like saints. But it wasn't until this very awesome blog post by a former employee that we knew just how bad this guy really is. It's very long so make sure you have some free time, I'm only halfway through. Seriously though you gotta read this, especially if you're in band.

Royalties were payable quarterly and, before each quarter ended, I’d get the amounts, totaling into millions of dollars, that were to be dumped into bogus marketing programs to prevent the band from getting a royalty. It was nothing short of malicious. “Fuck those guys, they’re not entitled to that money,” was his quarterly lament.

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