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Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday In The Burg (McCarren Pool + Roof BBQ)

Yesterday was another Pool party at McCarren Park. It was hot as fuck out and the pool was kinda empty compared to previous weeks. But that was a good thing because it also meant that the line for booze was shorter then usual and when it's hot out beer is mandatory. I got to the pool about 45 minutes late because the fucking B43 was running two buses behind schedule (fuck you MTA!).

When I finally got their Dan Deacon was halfway through his last song. I kinda wanted to see what all the hype was about but I missed it...oh well. The rest of the day consisted of me drinking excessively - like most days I guess. I paid little to no attention to the rest of the bands for the remainder of the show. If you're a single dude then you missed one hell of a show from the ladies of Brooklyn. There were hot girls in tiny bikinis just about everywhere you looked.

After the pool let out we headed to some random party on Wythe and N. 9th. It was a roof BBQ and there was a band playing up there. No idea who they were but I did take a picture. There was also a free keg of beer up there which was nice too. Everyone got hungry but most of the food was gone when we got there so we went to Mug's for some grub. I kept drinking and I think I stole some food from the poor people who went with us. Overall, another solid Sunday in Brooklyn. Yo Saturday, you gotta step it up - you've been weak all summer!




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