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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This Past Weekend: Siren, Pool Party, & Kegger

The past weekend was fucking busy. It started with a party I had at my place. I threw a birthday party for my girlfriend which doubled as our house warming party. It was pretty awesome - keg of Stella, burgers and dogs on the grill, wine, vodka and all that sort of good shit. Everyone got hammered and it was fucking fun.

The next day we woke up with raging hangovers and headed to Coney Island for Siren. We got there a little before Black Lips went on. I managed to get my hands on VIP passes so I was backstage drinking as much as possible before the Lips started. When they took the stage I got myself a spot up front. Ever since the infamous show at Mercury Lounge I don't feel so safe up front at a Lips show.

They played a killer set and everyone was dancing and singing along. Towards the end they brought out their pet chicken. Then they went into a song and used an air canon to blast feathers all over the crowd. After that they were done and I headed to the boardwalk for a sausage hoagie and fries.

I missed whoever played next, I think it was We Are Scientists. When MIA took the stage everyone ran towards the stage but security had already cut off the VIP section. So we were stuck backstage unable to see or hear much of anything. And yes I know I sound like a douche complaining about VIP (sorry). Eventually they opened up a portion of the fence and let a few people in.

When I got up to the stage I walked passed the Black Lips who seemed super into MIA. I was excited to see MIA, especially since I thought I wasn't getting in. We were right in front of the speakers and I think the bass may have done permanent damage to my hearing. It was SO damn loud.

Aside from the hearing loss it was a decent set. Not as good as I was hoping but still pretty good. By the time I got in I had missed most of the hits but I heard a couple songs I was familiar with. When it was over I headed back up to the boardwalk. We could have seen Cursive but I don't like them. The NY Dolls were also playing soon but we decided it was time to go. I've seen the Dolls like 4 times in the past year.

The next day we met a bunch of friends at McCarren for the Annuals and Band Of Horses. Annuals weren't nearly as good as the last time I saw them. However, the bass player continues to amuse me. He physically looks like a dude in a hardcore band and plays super aggressive like Tim C from RATM. It's fun to watch because the music does not match what it looks like he's doing.

Anyway, Band Of Horses played next and they were pretty awesome. But they were spooky because they sound EXACTLY like they do on the album. I've never heard any band sound so close live to how they do on the record - it was amazing. I didn't realize how old the dudes in the band were, they looked like they were about 40 or so. Which isn't really old...unless you're an up-and-coming indie band.

After the show we went to the Turkey's Nest and drank big Buds in the styrofoam cups. Which is a great way to end a weekend.

Siren Fest

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