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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

iPhone Hack! You Don't Need AT&T

I was playing around with a friends iPhone the other day and it was simply awesome. It made me sad that I couldn't buy it to use with my current service. You might say "just get AT&T" - but AT&T has shit ass service and everyone knows it. But guess what kids? The iPhone got hacked!

Now I'm not a hacker but I've always been into hacking my cell phones. I'm not sure why exactly but in this case it's pretty obvious. Now you can use your iPhone with the vastly superior service of T-Mobile. But again this is a HACK so if you fuck up your shit then you have no one to cry to.

The thing is I know the next version of the iPhone is going to blow away V1 but at that point this hack won't work. So the question is do I get one now or wait for a new version and hope someone hacks that bad boy too?

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