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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eric Avery Performing With Jane's Addiction!

Like most people my age I dig Jane's Addiction. They made some incredible music back in the day. However, I've always been annoyed at these half ass reunions they've done over the years. Look, Flea is a good bassist and all but Eric Avery... man, Eric Avery was just awesome! He wrote some of my favorite bass lines. I mean, sure Flea is technically better but he just DOES NOT understand subtlety like Eric. So here's my point - I'm a huge fan of Eric Avery's style and for the first time I'm actually excited about a Jane's Addiction reunion. It's supposed to be for one show only but hopefully they'll tour a little.


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Anonymous said...

Man, I'm uber excited about this little shindig they have planned. Avery came up with the foundation for my favorite Jane's Addiction material. Strays was alright, but paled compared to ritual or nothings shocking.

So have they announced ANYTHING about where they are playing?! How do we go about getting into this secret concert?

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