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Friday, April 18, 2008

Mission Metallica - "Experience" The New Shit

Metallica set up a website where fans can input their email and "experience the album... before it's done". I signed up because there's still a tiny glimmer of hope in me that thinks Metallica can still melt faces. I mean I expect to be let down, like I have every single other time, but Rick Rubin knows his metal and with him kicking them in their fat old asses then MAYBE we'll get a song or two that compares to the 80's stuff.

Metallica... there is a false king sitting in the throne you abandoned. This is your last chance to reclaim that throne, it's now or never. Play metal, real metal - start fucking THRASHING!


Kenneth said...

I have a feeling that this is going to be the second coming of Metallica. They know what the fans want. They've explored different genres of hard rock and they know it's time to get it on. Plus, Rick Rubin isn't going to let shitty songs come near this album. He isn't a musician, but he knows what sounds good. Metallica have done their own thing and done it their way for years. Which is great. I love a lot of the songs on most of the post Justice albums, but I have a feeling that they are ready to please the fans this time. I really have a good feeling about this one. I just wish that it was coming out in May. I've been dying to hear it. I love Metallica.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

why do people want the 80s stuff?

what decade was that? and what decade is it now?

exactly, times change, people change and you cant tell me no genre of music hasnt changed. If they go 80s again arent a lot of people just gunna call them throwbacks? so they cant win, only the true fans who love metallica for being metallica will follow, not the fans who follow just because they're metal

Anonymous said...

You sir are a dick. U

... said...

I know people who admit the new Metallica shit is nowhere near as good as the old shit. Yet they still stand by Metallica because they're REAL fans. That's just plain stupid. If you don't like the music a band makes then you aren't a fan of their music. Loyalty to bands is dumb unless you're in the band. And any REAL fan would have the balls to tell the band they need to step the fuck up and stop making shit music.

Anonymous said...

Here is ALL the Mission Metallica photos [Making new record + vault photos].


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