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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flipper Drop Out, Municipal Waste Added To Fun Fun Fun Fest

If you hadn't heard already, SF punk legends Flipper have cancelled
their 30th anniversary tour this fall, after bass player (and founding
member of Nirvana) Krist Noveselic left the band.
I'm not sure why they
can't get someone (anyone) to play "sex bomb," as I wouldn't call
Flipper super technical, but alas.
Subsequently, they've cancelled Fun
Fun Fun Fest as well.
As unfortunate as this is to myself and other
Flipper fans, we've already filled the slot...Municipal Waste.

For those that don't know the speed metal, thrashcore of Virginia's Municipal Waste, you're missing the world's best party punk to date.

The new millenia's answer to DRI and Suicidal Tendencies, complete with
flip bill caps and stage dives galor. This band brings as much fast technical hardcore as they do fun.

Get ready to get stomped on, as Municipal Waste makes their way down to
Texas just to play Fun Fun Fun Fest!!

Municipal Waste
http://www. myspace. com/municipalwaste
http://www. facethewaste. com/

BTW, I'll be sending all the additional add ons to fun fun fun fest this
next week, after ACL weekend.
So keep you eyes peeled for many more to
We'll have another list of a dozen or so amazing touring and
local djs, bands, comedians and more...

Thanks, Graham

Other bands playing the fest...
Bad Brains
Dead Milkmen
Municipal Waste
Bouncing Souls
Kevin Seconds (of 7 Seconds)
Swingin Utters
Rival Schools
Cro-mags (jam)
Scared of Chaka (Dave from The Shins)
Young Widows
Leftover Crack
High Tension Wires
And tons more!!!!

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