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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Metallica Death Magnetic Leak...Pretty Damn Good!

OK, so anyone who reads BSC knows that I'm hard on Metallica. The reason for this is because they let me down so many times and I used to love them. The first few tracks that were released from the new album Death Magnetic sounded like more of the same crap from St. Anger. Then some store in France accidentally sold the album and now it's up on the internet.

I haven't downloaded it but I have listened to some tracks on YouTube and I have to say - it's awesome! Well, it's nothing ground breaking but it's fucking heavy. Well at least some of the tracks are but that's good enough for me. I mean check out the songs below - pretty much heavier then the Black Album, right? The drums kinda suck but honestly no one expected much from tennis boy anyway. Somehow Rick even got James to stop with the terrible singing crap and got him to just yell.

The Judas Kiss

Broken, Beat, And Scarred

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