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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Download: Death Magnetic (Shorter, Better, Cut)

If you've heard Death Magnetic, the new Metallica album, then you know that just about every song has parts that sounds like old Metallica and parts that sound like new Metallica. The old school sounding shit is fucking awesome and the new sounding shit sucks.

So some dude went through each and every song and cut out all of the bullshit and left the thrash intact. Guess what Rick Rubin? This dude should have your job because his version of the album blows yours away man. I mean this album went from a 6 to 9 just by chopping out the obvious garbage. If you only heard this version you would be convinced that Metallica was 100% back to playing balls out metal again. I even suggest to you that you NEVER listen to the official version and just listen to this one. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

duuuude! effing downlaod is now blocked....shite!
any other way of getting this. am so pissed.


Anonymous said...

You can always trust users at The Pirate Bay to supply you with your much needed fix of anything.

Anonymous said...

Just put it up at Demonoid.

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