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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Dad Reviewed The New Levon Helm Album, Electric Dirt

I was recently sent an advance of the new Levon Helm album, Electric Dirt. I've always been a huge fan of The Band, in fact I can honestly put them in the top 5 or so bands ever. After I made my copy of the CD I let my dad have the disc (don't worry label folks, he doesn't know how to burn a copy). He's a huge fan of Levon, he's even gone up to the famous Midnight Ramble shows Levon has at his house upstate. So I thought I'd let him review this one...

Levon Helm of Woodstock, NY and his band play to what's good in us. If you haven't been to Midnight Ramble, go. His new CD, Electric Dirt touches all the chords of a fine story teller.

His songs of joy make me cry for my own. His songs of trials and tribulations of love and life make me laugh at mine. His voice stirs up the tears and laughter of an old man that can still look back, shake his head and smile that smile. Like an old pal, Levon's hangin' out close by. The strong voice for the ages, that roared through my youth, is now worn and weathered, like the wisdom of an old friend.

Songs like "Tennessee Jed," "You Can't Love What You Never Had" and "Growing Trade" give Electric Dirt the sound that makes this old man look back and smile. Smile at my family and friends. Smile at the road that brought me here. And through all that, Levon's voice safely carries me home. And for that I am grateful.

Electric Dirt by The Levon Helm Band is another beautiful time piece. It will join me and Gus on the back porch for a long time. Here's to good health and good music from an old friend.

-Kerry K

Electric Dirt hits stores June 30th.

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Anonymous said...

Dirt Farmer is one of my favorite albums of the last 5 years - along with Warpaint by the Black Crowes - who just recorded their new album up at "the barn" in February. Can't wait to hear Electric Dirt.


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