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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tonight: Lady Sov Free Show; Burning Angel Party; Andrew WK & Fischerspooner

Saturdays at Tribeca Grand is quickly becoming the hottest party in town. Tonight Lady Sov is performing and I just got word that Ladytron and The Faint will be DJing. Plus there's going to be "special guests" normally that turns out to be pretty disappointing but given the talent involved tonight it could get interesting.


If you prefer your parties a little more "porny" then you'll want to check out Pretty In Pink at The Space tonight. Jessie Lee and the Burning Angel girls are having another bash and this time the one and only Joanna Angel will be there. You can even buy a $20 VIP ticket which gets you in the upstairs VIP lounge where you'll be sippin whiskey with Joanna - just don't be creepy, ya fucking creepy bastard.

***Update: Just heard about this show in Bushwick with Andrew W.K., Fishcerspooner, and a bunch more. Read about it on Street Carnage.

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I like this site. I will certainly be peeping into it frequently.

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