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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Play A Brooklyn Ski Club Show

I'm currently looking for some bands to play several Brooklyn Ski Club shows and parties that are in the works. Some of these shows/parties will be at real deal venues and some will be a dirty lofts in Bushwick. But they are happening soon, so hurry the fuck up suckas.

There are some requirements that I should point out.
  1. Must have a following in Brooklyn. You don't have to draw 100 people but if you can't get 20-30 friends to show up to a free, or really cheap, show then come back later.
  2. If you're looking to get rich then you're in the wrong place dude. I do these shows for fun, not for money (I made -$10, yes that's a negative, at the last party). Hopefully you want to play for the same reason. That said, of course we'll give you something from the door (if there's a cover) but the amount depends on the draw - ya dig?
  3. Promote the show! Too many bands wait until the day of to tell people they're playing. Fuck that! Don't be lazy. I bust my ass getting the word out and so should you. You do WANT people to see you play right?
Other then that let's fucking party! If you're interested in playing then send me an email with a link to your MySpace page. Also tell me where you've played recently in NYC. Cool?

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