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Monday, October 30, 2006

Atreyu and Every Time I Die 10/27

Friday night I had a chance to review the Atreyu, ETID, and Chiodos show at Nokia Theatre. I was pretty excited about this show for a few reasons.
  1. Atreyu used to be a favorite of mine (I know that seems weird but they aren't really all that glam. They get lumped in with a bunch of shitty "metalcore/screamo" bands and I have always felt it was undeserved.)
  2. I've really been digging the Chiodos stuff I've been hearing. This band is fairly new to the scene but they are already making waves.
  3. It's a metal show and I don't get to cover many of those.
The night started off fairly shitty. I got stuck at work trying to finish up some last minute shit and didn't make it to the show until 8PM. Considering the doors opened at 7PM I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. So I went and picked up my ticket and photo pass and headed into the theatre. It was my first time at Nokia so it took me a few minutes to figure out where the fuck I was going.

I finally just followed some kids and found the entrance to the performance room. Once I got inside I asked some little pudgy fucker if I missed anything. He said "Yeah, some band Chodose played>" I replied "Chiodos played? Fuck!" To which he said "Yeah, Chodose."

So I missed the band I was most excited to see, which is not cool. Not that I wasn't excited about the rest - it's just that I haven't seen Chiodos before and I've seen Atreyu several times. So I pushed my way towards the front and waited for Every Time I Die to play.

As I was standing there I realized that 80% of the crowd were 15-16 year old kids. What the fuck happened here? A year ago if you went to see Atreyu and ETID there would have been a few teeny boppers but at least 50% of the crowd would have been hardcore kids. I looked good and I looked hard and I couldn't see a single fucking hardcore kid anywhere.

Then, as I was standing on the side, I realized I was surrounded by 15 year old girls. I felt like a creepy old guy - despite being only 26, but that's all it takes. Right Dateline? Sorry, bad joke. Anyway, I couldn't wait until the band started so I could get the fuck into the photo pit and away from the teeny boppers.

Every Time I Die finally came on and totally blew the fuck up. They are much better live then on tape. In fact I don't really like their albums all that much. They have a few good songs here and there but overall I'm not a big fan. They have a very intense energy live and the band is constantly running wild around the stage. During the set the guitar player leaped across the photo pit into the crowd, guitar and all.

Listening to the albums I never really noticed how much they sound like VOD at times. This is particularly true during the parts with actual singing. I have a new respect for ETID but I still don't dig their albums.

After they finished up I waited for From First To Last to take the stage. I know absolutely nothing about this band and I was planning on taking a seat in the back while they played. Then the lights went down and a band came on, that's when I noticed it was Atreyu. WTF? They aren't supposed to be on yet. Where's FFTL?

I rushed back to the side of the stage and back into the photo pit. Atreyu went into there first song and everyone there started singing along. I was the one of about 3-4 people in the photo pit besides the bouncers. I was the only one singing along and pumping my fist. It must have been pretty funny looking from both the stage and the crowd but fuck it - who cares?

After four songs I had to leave the pit. Technically I was supposed to leave after three but I snuck in an extra song. After that I went up on one of the raised platforms on the side and watched the rest of the show. I had a great view of the crowd from where I was at and it just confirmed my earlier analysis that Atreyu lost the hardcore kids.

It's kinda odd when you think about it. I mean Atreyu look like normal dudes now. They kinda ditched the glam accessories they had back in the day, which HC peeps hate. Now that they are just jeans and t-shirt dudes they suddenly are drawing the Tiger Beat crowd - weird. It seems kinda backwards if you ask me.

Back to the show - Atreyu was awesome. I've seen better performances by them but considering the singer just got in from a funeral it was pretty good. They have really learned how to perform since the last time I saw them. They were constantly moving all over the place and really playing hard. They played enough songs off of their first two albums to keep an old man like me happy. They closed with the same thing they always close with "Live! Love! Burn! Die!" which is still fucking awesome but after all these years it might be time to switch it up.

I know people are going to give me shit for digging Atreyu but I say this - fuck you! You like CYHSY and they really fucking suck!







Every Time I Die






Full set on BSC Flickr

Bored Stiff - ETID
One Day Women Will All Become Monsters - Chiodos

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