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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sparta at Irving Plaza 10/25

On Wednesday I went to Irving Plaza to check out Sparta. They had Sound Team and "special guests" open the show but I missed all of that. I got to Irving Plaza about ten minutes before Sparta took the stage. When I entered the main room I noticed it was surprisingly empty. I walked towards the stage and got a spot right up front and then I realized I forgot my earplugs (yeah I wear earplugs - fuck you). So I headed back down to the lobby to buy a pair.

When I got down the stairs I noticed a tall guy that looked very familiar. Then it dawned on me that it was Tom DeLonge from Blick 182. Since I hate Blink 182 passionately I continued on my path over to the coat check, where they sell plugs. The funny thing about him being there was that none of the regular people cared at all. However his "people" were making a bunch of noise. I swear they were trying to get people to look at him - it was fucking odd.

After I made my purchase I headed back to the floor, right before Sparta took the stage. I went towards the front and headed past the barrier into the photo pit. Most of the shows I go to don't have photo pits so it's a nice treat when I get to be right up front like that. Unfortunately the lights were fucking insane and most of my pics are washed out.

Sparta came on and the crowd let out a big cheer. I like Sparta but I don't know every song by them. I can't tell you what they opened with but it was damn good. The most impressive part of the show was Jim Ward. I was blown away by the voice on that guy. His voice is extremely powerful live and actually sounds better then it does on wax.

They finished up their set and then left the stage. Of course everyone started cheering and clapping for an encore. Sparta came back out and told the crowd how they don't like encores and that they were just going to play and if you want to stick around that's cool. So basically they played an encore but didn't want to admit it was an encore. I'm pretty sure they closed with "Cut Your Ribbon" but my memory sucks so I can't say that for sure.

Most of the time when I review shows I have some crazy shit to tell you. This show didn't really have anything unusual happen. It was just a solid performance by an extremely talented band... but I still want them to get At The Drive-In back together (please!).







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